I love my job!  You don’t hear a lot of people saying that lately.  I truly love my job.  I look forward to coming in to work with the smartest, most compassionate and dedicated ladies I have ever worked with, who are very committed to providing the best service they can to the victims of violence that we serve.

Every day our victim advocates meet those who have been disenfranchised, exploited, used, hurt, abused and on and on.  But with empathy, an array of resources and determination, our advocates give all they can to the families and children they serve.

It fills my heart to see when a mother comes into our office in tears, angry and having given up on solving a problem, being safe or just providing basic needs for her children, and after meeting with our advocate, she leaves with a smile on her face and hope that her situation can be better.

This might just be a job to others, but for me it’s a lot more than just a paycheck.  It’s giving back to my community, it’s being responsible for each other, it’s caring, it’s helping each other grow, learn and survive. It’s helping each other be happy and safe.

Debbie Lyew
Program Director