The Safe Families Partnership Network (SFPN)

The Safe Families Partnership Network (SFPN), funded by the Children’s Trust, provides care coordination to children and families who are victims of violence. Other risk factors include child abuse or neglect, child chronic absenteeism, and child disruptive behaviors. The referrals are accepted from Law Enforcement, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, DCF, Court system, and self-referrals (walk-ins). 


Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Assistance Grants

The federal VOCA assistance grant program offers funding to local community providers for use in responding to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims, assisting victims in stabilizing their lives after their victimization, helping victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system, and providing victims with a measure of safety and security.


HPD Group Violence Intervention (GVI)

The Homestead Police Department Group Violence Intervention model is a part of a national program that seeks to decrease gun related deaths. The GVI is designed to reduce gun related homicide, targeting group or gang-involved individuals at high risk of violence and retaliation instances.


SOS & PAL Afterschool and Summer Program

The Start Off Smart (SOS) program, in collaboration with the City of Homestead Police, offers afterschool and summer programming to students residing in the deep South Miami-Dade community. The primary aim of this program is to equip students and their families with the necessary skills and knowledge for higher education, leadership development,
community engagement, and active involvement while also providing a safe and nurturing environment for the youth.
During both the school year and summer months, participants are offered access to a diverse range of activities and support. These activities include opportunities for peer socialization, promoting healthy lifestyles through basic and enhanced health programs, academic support to ensure success in their studies, engaging with technology and the
community, participating in physical activities, developing life skills, and receiving social-emotional support.

This program is funded by the Children’s Trust.


HBP – Health Benefits Program

Through the health and wellness initiative, we have dedicated Public Benefits Coordinators who work with Federal, State and Local agencies in order to identify families who need assistance in filing for public benefits.  The coordinators will follow up with the applications for benefits and will work with the family until their application is completed and approved.

This program is funded by the Children’s Trust


Educational Civic Engagement Projects

The Ocean Reef Community Foundation (ORCF) has provided SOS a grant in order to work in collaboration with the Homestead Police Department community policing unit to conduct educational civic engagement projects. It takes law enforcement and residents working together in order to improve the quality of life for all through a reduction of crime and disorder.  SOS has joined with the Homestead Police Department in a communitywide “See Something, Say Something” campaign.